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Please use the checklists below to gather the necessary documents, submit your application, and finally learn how to submit tests to the labs for processing

For Questions: Call (239) 777-9928

Documents Required

✔ Valid Drivers License / Photo ID

✔ Social Security Card

✔Headshot / Photo Image (for Advatest ID Badge)

✔ Hippa Certificate.

➡ If you currently have not taken the Hippa Course please go to www.courseforhippa.com.

➡ The cost is $15

➡ Please email the HIPAA certificate to: [email protected]

Application Process

Step One

➡ Complete & Sign the Advatest NDA (Non-Disclosure / Non-Comptete Agreement) & Submit


Step Two

➡ Complete the Partner Onboarding Steps below:

✔ Open a browser and visit Advatest.com

✔ Click on LOGIN


✔ Click on PARTNER

✔ Password is   123obp

✔ Select Wellife Global from Partner Dropdown

✔ Complete and Submit the Application

Step Three

➡ Check your email for Advatest’s Welcome Email and ADV (your unique agent number).  This is the number that you are identified with and will be used for all swab orders and submissions.  Please make a note of this number.

Step Four

➡ Once you receive your ADV.  Please order your name badge and any other items from the portal that you need.

✔ Open a browser and visit Advatest.com

✔ Click on LOGIN

✔ Click on AGENTS


✔ Password is   123apa




The Wellife Way is Our Mission

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