Ascertain your risk factors for inherited cardiovascular diseases

Mutations associated with inherited cardiovascular diseases and sudden cardiac death can be detected through exhaustive Cardiac Genetic Testing.

Our genetic testing panel includes all genes known currently to be associated with the development of inherited cardiovascular diseases that can present as sudden death or other major adverse events. Once an initial risk assessment has been completed, Cardiac Genetic Testing can be ordered in smaller, disease-specific panels or in one comprehensive panel.


Who is it for?

High cholesterol can be inherited and risk for developing heart disease can be reduced by knowing important risk factors such as:


Those exhibiting cardiac symptoms or with a family history of cardiac disease


Unexplained cardiac arrest or sudden deaths in the family that might have been caused by an undiagnosed heart disease


Unexplained fainting, or fainting with exercise or emotional stress


Unexplained seizures, or seizures with normal neurological evaluation


ICD or pacemaker at or under 50 years of age


Heart failure at less than 60 years of age


Enlarged heart


Irregular heartbeat


Early heart attack, coronary artery disease or stroke (men under 55, women under 65)

90% of those with Family Hypercholesterolemia don’t know they have it.

If left untreated, Males have a 50% risk for heart attack by age 60.
Females have a 30% risk for heart attack by age 60.


What does the test include?

Comprehensive Cardiac Disease Assessment

This provides an in-depth look at a your overall cardiac health, increases the detection of sub-clinical coronary artery disease, and identifies the risk for artery wall atherosclerotic disease activity and coronary artery disease. The panel also contains comprehensive arrhythmia and cardiomyopathy risk evaluation.

Comprehensive Arrhythmia Panel

This is used primarily to diagnosis cases in which a clearly defined phenotype cannot be established but in which cardiac arrhythmia is the main indication.

Comprehensive Cardiomyopathy Panel

This is used to diagnose cases in which there is an apparent degree of myocardial involvement but without a completely clear phenotype or with diagnostic uncertainties; when there is an overlap between phenotypes in the patient or family. This can also can be used as a predictive test when a pathogenic mutation is detected.

Comprehensive Atherosclerosis and Diabetes Risk Panel

This is used to assess your risk for coronary artery and other vascular disease, and diabetes including early detection of maturity-onset diabetes of the Young (MODY).

Our Process

Step 1

Request a test online by completing our health risk assesment questionairre to see if you possess certain risk factors to qualify to receive a genetic test

Step 2

Speak with a practicing physician to complete a further consultation and review your risk assesment

Step 3

Receive your test and provide a saliva sample in order to receive your results and review with a practicing physician 

For more information about Wellife, our genetic testing services, how you can be qualified to receive a test, or to speak with a team member about how we can assist you, please contact us and someone will be in touch with you shortly. 

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