Develop a better understanding of how you will respond to medications with PGx testing

Pharmacogenetics is the study of genetic variations that influence an individual’s response to medications. Genetics account for 20–90% of the variability in medication disposition and effects.

The rate of medication metabolization varies between individuals and each person responds uniquely to treatment. The same approach may not be effective, or worse, may cause adverse side effects in one patient and not another. Those who are poor or rapid metabolizers are prone to drug toxicity or lower effectiveness of their medications.

Pharmacogenetic Testing

Who is it for?

 PGx testing is frequently utilized for when one or more of following issues is present: 


Consumption of multiple prescriptions




Heart Disease


Psychiatric Disorders


Pain Management



770,000 injuries and deaths annually in the United States are tied to adverse medication reactions

The pharmacogenetic testing service, PGx testing, uses your genes to determine how they will respond to a particular medicine or a combination of medicines and identifies their unique sensitivities to possible effects. As a result, healthcare providers can minimize or completely avoid trial-and-error dosing and substantially reduce the risk of potential adverse medication events.

Pharmacogenetic Testing For Seniors

Simple, Accurate and Beneficial

  • Customized healthcare treatment plans based on your genetics
  • Minimized trial and error process for medication prescribing
  • Safer medication doses and/or alternatives
  • Reduced treatment failures
  • Eliminate guesswork for physicians
  • Patient safety is significantly improved
  • Treatment selection is optimized

Our Process

Step 1

Request a test online by completing our health risk assesment questionairre to see if you possess certain risk factors to qualify to receive a genetic test

Step 2

Speak with a practicing physician to complete a further consultation and review your risk assesment

Step 3

Receive your test and provide a saliva sample in order to receive your results and review with a practicing physician 

For more information about Wellife, our genetic testing services, how you can be qualified to receive a test, or to speak with a team member about how we can assist you, please contact us and someone will be in touch with you shortly. 

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